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Your family-owned pest control company for years. From termites to pests you don’t even recognize, let us help you keep your home or business safe.

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When we come to your house to take care of the pest control, we do it using only the finest products which keep pests from your home.  These products are tried and tested, and have fantastic results so that you don’t see the bugs around your home that you might have seen prior. With our service packages, we provide this barrier of protection around your home year round, so that you can feel safe and comfortable in your living spaces.

Pest Control

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Stop pests and critters from invading your home or business.

Termite Control

Let us help you protect your home from a termite invasion! 

Rodent Control

Let us provide year-round rodent protection, no matter what season.

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The #1 Exterminators Around

\A1 Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company for customers all throughout Southern Ohio. We are a fully trained team of experts and licensed technicians who are looking to solve any pest invasion. All of our exterminators work hard on pursuing their continuing education and training. We stay up to date with the latest pest control technology and solutions. Keeping up to date helps to ensure that our knowledge is the advantage to deliver better pest control services!

You can find us in your local town by finding us in our company uniform and truck! Have you discovered and invasion of termites, bed bugs, wasps, fire ants, spiders, flies, fleas or rodents? Our team of exterminators will help to close the case of any pest in the vicinity. We have every answer for every bug you find being pesky! Our pest control technicians are here to take care of your pest problems as soon as possible.

Pest Control Services Now Serving Southern Ohio

Are you dealing with termites, bed bugs, carpenter ants, spiders, wasps, fleas, or more? Our exterminators can help. No matter what type of bugs you’re dealing with, our certified pest control professionals will quickly take care of any pest problem. We specialize in termite control and bed bug treatment.

All our rates are affordable and personal service is completed on time and thoroughly. To schedule a free pest control estimate, give us a call today Be sure to ask us about our special offers! Our service has continued to handle any pest problem while treating the customer, families, pets and home property with the utmost integrity.

    Pest Control Services You Can Trust!

    When you see a bug in your house, it’s unnerving. It brings up a host of negative feelings- as if your home is not clean when it actually is. A-1 Pest Control is here to help you get that feeling of security again. Call us for a free estimate.

    Why Choose A-1 Pest Control?

    Simple. We provide affordable pest control services. When you call the big name pest control companies, you have to pay for all their trucks, their big advertising budget and the rest of their overhead. 

    We’re an owner-operator exterminating company. We don’t have the high overhead that our competitors have. This means we can provide the same level of pest control that the big guys give you at a more affordable rate. We pass the savings on to our customers. 

    Our goal is to help each customer identify ways they can avoid or reduce the need for pest control services as well as the clean house of all uninvited guests.

    Bed Bugs Treatment

    For the past several years, the cases of bed bugs have been on the rise. These pesky critters make their way to your house through luggage, clothing and other items. Once they are in your home, they mate at an alarming rate and can cause a wide variety of health issues. 

    Bed bugs are also one of the most difficult pests to try and get rid of yourself. That’s why we always recommend that if you ever see evidence of bed bugs, you contact a pest control company with specific expertise in bed bug treatment. 

    Our exterminators have the experience and expertise you need to get rid of bed bugs for good. Call us if you think you may have an issue. We can help you be sure and take care of the problem for you. 

    Our Service Area

    We want to be the best exterminators in the business in and around the Lucasville, Ohio area. We work mostly in Scioto and Pike County. We provide pest control services around Lucasville and the surrounding areas. In fact, we have many happy customers in WaverlyPortsmouth, West Portsmouth, Piketon, WheelersburgRosemount, and Minford. Call us and let us help you get rid of your pests today.

    We Provide All Our Customers:

    Pest Control Services Based On Integrity

    Reliable Exterminators 

    Customer Focused 

    Residential and Commercial Pest Control

    Flexible Hours 

    Personal Service Integrity


    Pest Control Offers:

    • Ant control
    • Bed bugs treatment
    • Stinging insect control
    • Roach control
    • Flea control
    • Fly control
    • Rodent control
    • Spider control
    • Termite control

     Call us for expert pest control services. Let us show you what excellent customer service looks like. We think you’ll be impressed. 


    A1 Pest Control Company Is An Affordable Pest Solution

    You could hire anyone to kill a bug, but when you hire A1 pest control services, you are getting a preventative solution that will last for months on end! You can find us in the local Ohio area, through an online web search, in advertisements, and on the phone! We have fought off every kind of pest imaginable, and we have the field experience that teaches the right technique for pest extermination. We work to apply the latest in pest control methodology. The science that drives pest control to become what it is today is why our company has become such a success.

    Real pest control services are not a one and done kind of job, it is a multi-time event that delivers pest-free results for locals in our service area. We aim to make proper assessment and implementation so that every aspect of a pest invasion is solved for good. When pests are finally at rest, we continue to monitor your home property for further extermination treatment needs.

    Emergency Pest Control Ohio

    Should an emergency arise, our team is prepared to control a pest invasion before it gets worse. Depending on the type of pest found at the location, A1 Pest Control will be able to start service right away. Let the team who specializes in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of household pests find a way to keep out invaders!

    Our pest control treatments are designed to meet the customer’s needs so each solution is backed by our A1 guarantee. 

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